Once upon a time, Stefan Esser from the Hitmen programmed an IDA loader plugin to be able to analyze DOL files, which is the executable format used for Gamecube and Wii. Builds are published for versions up to 5.2, but nothing more recent.

Fortunately they also released the source to their plugin, which allowed me (with some very minor modifications to the code to use linput_t instead of C FILE structures) to build a version of the IDA DOL loader plugin for IDA 6.1, the version I’m using in my day to day reverse engineering. Here is a link to this build.

Have fun with it!

That might be the shortest article I published on this blog…

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  1. […] a few symbols. For that, we use IDA and the very convenient DOL loader module created by HyperIris: IDA 6.1 version. Let’s look for __lwp_sysinit, since it is usually where the main function is […]